WG EBS: Electricity Billing System

WG EBS Manages Electric Bill for Large Markets. It is very helpful for Electricity Lessee of Super Markets. It manages Shops, Meters, Readings and Customers. It is able to create Bill, print Bill, pay Bill, manage Due Bill and Ledger Book.
Developed with C# .NET, DotNetFrameWork 4, SQL Server 2008, Crystal Report 2013, Visual Studio 2010.

Features of the Software

  • Easy Access from any end of the world
  • Quick and Easy Startup
  • Multi user Accessibility
  • User-Friendly Operation
  • Shop Creation, Editing & Deleting option
  • Customer Creation, Editing & Deleting option
  • Meter Entry and Assigning to the Shop
  • Meter Changing option
  • Reading management
  • Bill Creation, Editing option
  • Bill Print option
  • Bill Search option- by Shop, by Meter
  • Bill Payment option- Current Bill, Due Bill, Overall, Specific Bill, Full, Partial
  • Ledger management
  • Arear management
  • Collection management

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